Keto results: breaking the habits of a lifetime

It's a known (and frequently lamented) fact that everything tastes better with butter on it. And when I say 'butter', I mean the proper full fat, grass fed, lightly salted and preferably Irish kind that comes in the foil packs - not that manky shite that comes in the plastic tubs with pictures of olives... Continue Reading →

Ready-meals and poo-mergencies

So I've been on the Keto kick for 2 weeks now and am due a weigh-in. The tape-measure tells me i've lost six centimetres from around my waist, and precisely fuck-all from around my ass, and I'm slightly concerned i'm going to end up looking a bit like Kimmy K on a bad day. Week... Continue Reading →

Macros, bloody macros …

In answer to the most common questions received to date, yes, my digestive system still works, and no, I don't have the shits yet. So what's the skinny (pardon the pun) so far? Day 1 I feel gross going in, but I think that's more to do with the over-indulgence over silly season (I'm thinking... Continue Reading →

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