Floating islands and sheep wrestling …

Next stop on the trail was Puno, on the shores of Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world sitting at 3,820m above sea level. From the shoreline it looks more like the ocean – it´s enormous!! From Puno we took a 3hr boat ride to visit Taquile island. This seemed to go on... Continue Reading →

Cuzco to Cuzco – the highs and lows

So I survived - just. Here follows a blow by blow account of the highs and (extreme) lows of the journey from Cuzco to, er, Cuzco!! We left Cuzco on Sunday 9th December, and headed through the sacred valley to Ollantaytambo. The sacred valley (known as Wilcamayo by the Incas) is lush and fertile, and... Continue Reading →

It’s Perah, Tarquin, PERAH!!

So this one time, on my gap-yah ... Yes, we're in Peru or 'Perah' for Orlando fans. First stop - Mancora, a beach resort on the Pacific coast. Our hopes for having a crack at surfing were dashed on arrival, due to the absence of any surf!! Still, it gave me what I was desperately... Continue Reading →

Adios Ecuador!!

After 8hrs and 2 buses, we arrived in our last Ecuador destination, Cuenca. Cooler and more drizzly than Banos, Cuenca is home to a large American expat community. Actually Ecuador generally is home to a large American expat community given that they share a currency and the $USD goes a long way here. The main... Continue Reading →

Boot camp …

Next stop Banos, home of thermal baths, where people come to relax, unwind and scald themselves. The first afternoon was pretty chilled, owing to the fact that my stomach decided I´d had it too easy for the last 6 weeks. The first stop was a restaurant serving ´menu del dia´ only. Unfortunately on this occasion,... Continue Reading →

Do you … salsa??!

Is it obvious that i´m struggling to keep this up to date now i´m on the road all the time?! So we arrived in Cali on a Sunday evening after a 6hr bus ride. After checking into the hostel, we decided to go in search of food, only to discover that Cali (or at least... Continue Reading →

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