Air Miles Andy, move over!!

So I hit Santiago airport for the second time, and there's something humorous about the fact that I'll be here twice more in the week ahead. It's not really funny, but for some reason it amused me. Actually i think I was just taking solace in humour - I was on my own for the... Continue Reading →

Rio, baby!! (Uncut)

Rio is one of those places - you've seen it so many times in photos, on TV and in the movies that it has an air of familiarity about it. However, actually being there is exceptionally cool, and we were there at the best time of the year - Carnival!! The locals like to say... Continue Reading →

The road to Rio

Back on the tour we were leaving Argentina for Uruguay, by high-speed ferry to Colonia. The ferry terminal in BA was very swish, and i was pleasantly surprised how smoothly it went - straight through passport control, onto the ferry, fall asleep with mouth open, wake up in Colonia. Simples! Colonia is a cute little... Continue Reading →

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