The great steak challenge

Travelling, it seems, is actually quite hard work. By the time i got to Santiago i was ready to stay in one place for a while; perhaps even unpack my suitcase! A vacation was in order, and Buenos Aires was just the ticket. It meant missing a few stops on the tour, but the group... Continue Reading →

Border crossings and bikini bottoms

We spent our first night out of the salt flats in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. It was a touristy little town, but had some good restaurants and had we stayed a couple of days it looked like there were several activities on offer. After 3 days in Salar de Uyuni, the first thing i... Continue Reading →

Culture shock rating: 4/5

Each 'Intrepid' trip is given a rating for how physical it is, and how much of a culture shock it's likely to be. This trip rated 4/5 in both categories. Physically it's hard work, so i figured that rating was justified. Culturally, however, I had doubts. While it's certainly very different to what I'm used... Continue Reading →

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