Adios Ecuador!!

After 8hrs and 2 buses, we arrived in our last Ecuador destination, Cuenca. Cooler and more drizzly than Banos, Cuenca is home to a large American expat community. Actually Ecuador generally is home to a large American expat community given that they share a currency and the $USD goes a long way here. The main... Continue Reading →

Boot camp …

Next stop Banos, home of thermal baths, where people come to relax, unwind and scald themselves. The first afternoon was pretty chilled, owing to the fact that my stomach decided I´d had it too easy for the last 6 weeks. The first stop was a restaurant serving ´menu del dia´ only. Unfortunately on this occasion,... Continue Reading →

Do you … salsa??!

Is it obvious that i´m struggling to keep this up to date now i´m on the road all the time?! So we arrived in Cali on a Sunday evening after a 6hr bus ride. After checking into the hostel, we decided to go in search of food, only to discover that Cali (or at least... Continue Reading →


The theme for this trip was supposed to be ´stepping outside of comfort zone´. However, at no stage was strapping on a parachute and throwing myself off the side of a big fuckoff hill part of the plan. At the outset of the excursion to ´Zona de Vuelo´, just outside of Medellin in San Felix,... Continue Reading →

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