Paella and penises (not how it sounds!!)

Cartagena. It’s hot. In fact, it’s really stinking hot! And that’s been our excuse for not doing anything the last few days! In fact, we’ve done little more than walk around the town (several times) and get lost (several times).

I have now acquired a new pair of flipflops (albeit cheap plastic ones) and we’ve spent the last 4 nights in a party hostel although only managed to party one night – on the others we were in bed embarrassingly early. I have paella coming out of my ears. In fact, in 6 nights i’ve eaten 4 paellas. To be fair, they were 4 pretty awesome paellas!!

Current lost possessions: one pair birkenstocks (well, one thrown away and one abandoned), one camera case.

So what have I actually managed to achieve? Well … i’ve eaten quite a lot of really good food (not losing any weight so far). I’ve been to a festival of independence and covered my buddies in squirty foam from a can (yes, it was as much fun as it sounds!!). I’ve been to the beach – Playa Blanca, a very touristy beach, where the tat-vendors are on you before you even step off the boat, although the massage was nice as was the pina colada served in a coconut. I’ve drunk a lot of the local beer (definitely not losing any weight so far!). I went to a pool party for a fellow Brit’s birthday (hey Jase – you made the blog, and I do still count you as a brit although you don’t live there!!). I acquired about 3 million more bites. I have a bitchin’ tan. And I almost bought a musical instrument as a souvenier that is basically a carved penis with holes in it (but resisted).

So after a couple of days baking in serious heat, London and Texas have decided to make for Medellin, which is inland and slightly cooler. Currently holed up in the ‘Black Sheep’ hostel and expecting to take it easy(ish) today. Checked out the botanical gardens this morning which was pretty cool – lots of exotic wildlife and the odd duck.  Texas is celebrating his 29th birthday tomorrow. My goal is to get him to drink tequila out of his cowboy boots. Watch this space …!

There will eventually be pictures (and maybe video) to go with this post, but my piece of sh*t iphone refuses to connect to the wireless network. So check back soon!! :-)

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