Santa Marta, Columbia

Well, i’ve been in Santa Marta for 2 days and so far it’s nicer than Bogota, although it is extremely wet. When it rains, it really rains. The streets turn into rivers and the toads come out! Apparently the Aussies hit them with golf clubs back home – they’re classed as a ‘pest’. If you hit them from the front they inflate; if you hit them from behind their guts come out of their mouths. Nice.

Yesterday we went to the beach – a beach surrounded by jungle. We swam, sunbathed and ate some great fish just pulled out of the sea. Got slightly burned but otherwise a great day, particularly as we were nursing some savage tequila-based hangovers.

After a good long sleep we were ready to go again today. We headed out to a small town called Minca, which was a hairy taxi ride over some seriously bad road. This was followed by about an hour trailing through jungle to a waterfall where we planned to swim. Unfortunately the heavens opened about 20 mins from our end game, and we got soaked to the skin. The waterfall was too fierce for us to swim and the water full of mud, so we decided to head back given that we were all wearing flipflops. On the way back, we had to cross some gushing water that was blocking our way. I decided to throw my flip flops to the other side so i had 2 free hands in case i fell. Unfortunately i didn’t throw it far enough and it sailed away on the current. So i did the rest of the walk back in only one shoe. It was an experience!

So here’s a picture of us – Brandon (USA) with sunburn, Norma (Mexico) with a filthy butt from slipping over, and me with one shoe. Think i’m going to have to work quite hard to stay alive on this trip!




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