Awesome views, thermals and a mini cooper …

It’s been an interesting couple of days in Bogota. So far, i’ve managed to hit a couple of museums, climb to the local vantage point, and take a bicycle tour around part of the city. And i have coffee coming out of my ears – i’ll be in withdrawal when i leave!

This weekend has been a public holiday, so everywhere is lively. The park is full of music and people dancing, with a variety of interesting street food to be had. The meat on sticks is awesome, and the coconut steeped in cane sugar is rancid! I’ve visited the Museo del Oro (that’s ‘gold museum’ to you and me – think El Dorado legends and lots of shiny stuff), Museo Botero (Columbia’s most famous artist Fernando Botero – that dude has a fetish for fat people!) and taken a trek (actually the altitude kicked my ass so i took the tram) up Cerro de Monserrate for sweeping views of Bogota.

Yesterday was spent getting a bit of exercise on a full day bike tour of the City. Great way to see the sights, although we got drenched in an afternoon storm and i crashed into a stationary mini cooper. My bike skills need some work. And i’m really saddle-sore today!

Most notable is the weather – it’s bloody cold, and wet. I’m sick of sleeping in my thermals, so i’ve just booked a flight to Santa Marta on the Caribbean coast. Was planning to do the proper traveller thing and take a bus, but since it’s 18hrs vs 1h45 in the air, i think i’ll stomach the extra £50!

Anyway, since it’s finally stopped raining, i’m off out …!


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