Paella and penises (not how it sounds!!)

Cartagena. It’s hot. In fact, it’s really stinking hot! And that’s been our excuse for not doing anything the last few days! In fact, we’ve done little more than walk around the town (several times) and get lost (several times). I have now acquired a new pair of flipflops (albeit cheap plastic ones) and we’ve... Continue Reading →

Beaches, buses and lots and lots of BUGS!!!

It's been an interesting few days. After 'flipflopgate' the next adventure was a visit to Tayrona national park for a bit more trekking through the jungle, this time with a bit of beach to look forward to at the end. This time, the jungle trek part was a solid couple of hours, and i'm fairly... Continue Reading →

Santa Marta, Columbia

Well, i've been in Santa Marta for 2 days and so far it's nicer than Bogota, although it is extremely wet. When it rains, it really rains. The streets turn into rivers and the toads come out! Apparently the Aussies hit them with golf clubs back home - they're classed as a 'pest'. If you... Continue Reading →

Everyone has a dog …

I'd be really interested to find out the people to dogs ratio here - seems like every family has at least one! Yesterday i found out where they come from - there's a whole street full of pet shops (Elsa, you'd be in heaven here!) cute puppy overload!! Given how much they seem to love... Continue Reading →

Touchdown Bogota!!

After 10hrs + of hell courtesy of Iberia airline, i've arrived at my hostel in Bogota feeling, well, rather rancid actually! I look almost as bad as my travelling companion, Pooh Bear, who's face has been squashed by a bungee cord for the last God knows how many hours! No seat back tv - seriously,... Continue Reading →

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